Reviews and Testimonials

In the 4 years we worked together at Club, I got to know Jan as a true professional, perhaps the best in Belgium in his field.

Luc Devroe, former Technical Director at Club Brugge KV

As instructor at the Belgian UEFA-Pro license course, Jan made an impression by translating difficult theoretical fitness training concepts into plain soccer language and practical exercise material. This enabled our UEFA-Pro course participants to acquire the ability to get their players physically ready to deliver top-level soccer performances.

Bob Browaeys, Director of the Federal Trainers’ School

Due to and thanks to Jan’s vision, expertise and professionalism, the team stood out through it fantastic general fitness and extremely low number of injuries.

Adrie Koster, Ex-Coach of Ajax Amsterdam and Club Brugge KV

During his period as physical coach at Club Brugge, Jan Van Winckel proved that his solid scientific approach leads to strong results. He thus also gave our club’s training approach a new dimension, supported not by intuition but, rather, on the basis of physiological and biomechanical criteria.

Dr. M. D’Hooghe, Honorary Chairman of Club Brugge, Chairman of the UEFA Medical Committee

Jan is one of the best in his field, possibly one of the best in the world.

Carl Hoefkens, former player of national team of Belgium, West Bromwich Albion and Stoke City

I have seldom seen a coach who can translate science into practical soccer application so well

Aad de Mos, ex-coach of, among others, Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven, Werder Bremen, RSC Anderlecht

Jan, Werner. We are impressed. 600 pages full of interesting and relevant information. Well done!

Kristof Geeraerts, Editor in Chief Dug-Out

Fitness in Soccer, between practice and science is an absolute must for every soccer coach. 28 fascinating chapters offer a broad, accessible insight in modern soccer. Both basic and advanced technology are discussed, and that's the power of the book. The book is not only useful for sports scientists, but also for coaches and players.

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